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When to Change Your Muay Thai Boxing Gloves?

In a perfect world, boxing gloves would last forever and you only ever need to buy 1 pair in your lifetime. The reality -as we know it- functions pretty far from fantasy and on average, we need to rotate a pair every year or 2. Sometimes…

Boon Sport Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

For the third of my in-depth gloves review, I have picked Bangkok-based brand, Boon Sport. While the company isn't quite as prominent as its competitors, it is a hit with serious Muay Thai fans everywhere in the world. Boon's back-to-basics…

Muay Thai Shorts Reimagined – Siam7 Review

There are increasingly more gear and equipment options for Muay Thai practitioners as the sport gets more widespread. Choices have also gotten more creative and attractive as more brands get into the game. Muay Thai gear and apparel is no…
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