Aces Go Places: Anthem Athletics Review

Anthem Athletics is an outstanding and promising young fight brand on the market right now. The company is based in USA (North Carolina) and carries a nice selection of MMA products, and also good quality Muay Thai gear at affordable prices.

I first got acquainted with the label a year ago when I was first researching for suitable Muay Thai shorts for bigger-sized folks, and this was a brand that was recommended by a number of people in the forums and reviews. While I’m on the skinnier side of the scale, I copped 2 pairs of their Muay Thai shorts, just to test them out. Let’s just say that I’m impressed enough that I offered to give these guys some free banner space and airtime on the website.

About the Company

Anthem Athletics was founded in 2015 by a small team of creators with a single defining purpose: to design, develop and deliver premium fight gear with focus on a combination of style, quality, fit, price and performance. You can now find a modest collection of fight gear and apparel in the company’s inventory from boxing gloves, BJJ Gis, mma fight shorts, rash guards, shin guards, tees and of course, Muay Thai shorts.

While modern business trends place a huge emphasis on self-promotion, the AA founders remain hidden behind the scenes. There was hardly anything about them on the web or in social media when I was researching for this feature article that I wrote them an email to fish some information that I could include here. I was curious as to the brand’s social media marketing strategy and turns out, there really isn’t one in place.

“Our emphasis, creative energy and focus as a company goes into developing and improving our products. Our goal is not to sell our products, but to aide in the process of mutual discovery for the right individual.

For this reason, we do not emphasize our founders, our brand story or influencers who may appreciate our products. We understand that prevailing business wisdom tells us to do otherwise. To create buzz. To become influencers. To seek celebrity.

That approach might work for some, but it is not for us. Call us old-school. We believe that if we deliver on our objective in creating the best products we can, word will spread. In our short history as a company, we’re convinced of this more than ever.”

This is a brand with strong belief in the old adage of letting their products speak for themselves. As far as sales are concerned, this old school business model seems to be working well for them.

About the Products
anthem athletics review

Anthem Athletics products are designed, developed and tested in the USA, but unlike the majority of Muay Thai brands, they are handcrafted -currently- in Pakistan, Latin America and China.

“We aim to deliver an unrivaled combination of style, quality, price, fit and performance. We work with a small number of hand-selected factories that are fully committed to this goal, regardless of geography.”

By working with manufacturers outside of Thailand, they seem to have created something that is aesthetically and distinctive from the Thai competitors. At least with their Muay Thai shorts, which are their products I’m most familiar with. More importantly, the American brand is more in touch with the needs of their fellow countrymen. Indeed, Anthem Athletics remains one of my most recommended Muay Thai shorts for the bulkier fellas in the States and they are shaping up to be a best-seller. Designed to fit truer to the American sizes, the Infinity, Reckoner and 50/50 line of shorts are very comfortable on the waist, especially when you compare them with the traditional Thai shorts which can often feel overly snug.

For me, the other cool thing about their shorts is that you can just throw them into the washing machine without having to worry about them coming apart. Tough as nail.

But don’t let this distract you from the fact that AA is more than a Muay Thai shorts brand. You can find almost every gear and solutions to all training needs in their catalogue of products. The question on your mind now: where can you get Anthem Athletics products?

“Anthem Athletics products can be purchased through,,,, and Shipping to most countries is available through’s global shipping program. We do not sell through traditional 3rd party retailers, or brick and mortar shops. Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality, and respond rapidly to changes in the market. Selling through channels that we control allows us to do that.”

The company is now exploring a gym wholesale program and planning a beta program with a select number of gyms for 2018. Watch out for the brand as you might see the products showing up in your gym soon. Meanwhile, here’s a little more on their Muay Thai shorts:

Anthem Athletics Muay Thai Shorts

The product that introduced me to the brand. I can’t tell you much about their other products but the Infinity Muay Thai shorts (seen above) are my workhorse that I wear at least a couple of times every week. These are made from a 100% polyester material that feels lightweight and yet incredibly durable. The tear-resistant fabric is very quick to dry, almost like nylon and this makes them fully machine-washable. The winning formula is completed by the fact that these shorts that fit true to standard American sizes. Finally, shorts that don’t feel like they are trying to strangle the life out of your waist.

Other than the Infinity series, there is also the Reckoner line with more striking designs. While the 2 series are already priced lower than their competitors, the new 50/50 and Resolute shorts will rock the socks off those with budget constraints.

These hold up really well even after months of tough training back home and in Thailand. Lots of designs to choose from but I personally like the simplicity of the all-black Infinity. Again, great fit, lots of room for movement, and a drawstring for that extra security. Plenty of space in the groin for the protector hence these will work for all occasions.

If you are just starting out or even if you’ve been in the game for a while, I can safely say that these shorts will not disappoint you at all.

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For the complete Anthem Athletics range of products, check out the official website here.

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