Best Muay Thai Shorts for Big Guys

No apparel or gear defines the Muay Thai fighter as uniquely as the Muay Thai shorts. However, for many bigger or above average sized people, the struggle to find a pair that fits right is real. Them Muay Thai shorts are often way too small! You’ll be happy to know that there are great options available in the market. Read on and see how to find the best Muay Thai shorts for big guys.

Muay Thai Shorts Sizing Guide

The truth is, Muay Thai shorts are small even for Asian standards. A Thai size L will often fit closer to an Amercian size S. Since the Thai-made shorts run small, it’s always recommended to get 1-2 sizes up from your usual sizing.

The common problem faced when it comes to buying Muay Thai shorts is the waist-to-length conundrum. If you get one that fits nicely on your waist, the shorts might be a bit too long or baggy; if you get one with the right length that you like, it might squeeze your waist too tightly for comfort. And this is regardless of whether you are small or big-sized. Muay Thai shorts are typically designed to fit snug on the waist and baggy on the legs.

If you are able to find a brand that fits, stick to the brand. Otherwise, there are 2 ways to getting the pair that fits and looks right:

#1 Get a size that fits comfortably on your waist. With the right fitting at the waist, you can fold down the waistband of your shorts and pull your shorts up if you like them short. If you prefer a bit lower down your thighs, you can wear your shorts such that the waistband sits below your belly button and they would end closer to your knees.

#2 Find a pair with the right cut on the legs that isn’t too baggy or too long. The waist will most likely fit snug, or even too tight. If the degree of snugness is acceptable, then great. If not, you can remove a few of the waist rubber bands to loosen the tightness. (click here: “Tips on buying Muay Thai shorts Online” for more details).

Most important of all, your shorts should allow your complete range of leg movements, especially your kicks. If you feel restricted when you throw a kick, the shorts are not right for you. That is one reason why Muay Thai shorts tend to be shorter than other combat arts’ bottoms.

On another note: When it comes to the material, our recommendation is to always go for high quality satin, unless you enjoy having your gym mates staring and making out the designs on your underwear. With low quality material such as nylon, your muay thai shorts become rather translucent when it gets drenched with sweat. Just so you know.

Muay Thai Shorts Recommendations

For most of you reading this, your usual suspects of Twins Special and Top King are not the best options. Their biggest shorts will only fit up to a 34-36”. Here are our recommendations:


Forget about the other brands, Fairtex is the way to go for you bigger fellas. Fairtex shorts run bigger than all other Thai brands so a size L Fairtex will fit like a size L you are more accustomed to. A Fairtex XXL will fit up to 40” waist whereas a 3L Twins Special will only fit up to a 33”. Additionally, Fairtex shorts tend to be a big baggy. The quality is good just like all their products. You will not go wrong with this top notch Muay Thai brand.

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Lumpinee Retro Shorts

With traditional Muay Thai shorts, they are going to reach all the way to your knees or end up looking if you get a 3-4L sizing. If you like your shorts short and more fitting, the Lumpinee retro shorts may be the way to go.

Besides Lumpinee, retro shorts designs are also offered by Top King, Thaismai and Boxsense. The thing with these brands is that they often only make shorts that fit up to around 34” waist with their largest size offering. Among the Thai brands, Lumpinee is the only one that offers retro shorts up to 36″ (XXXL).

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World MMA Gear

Still salivating over the Lumpinee retro shorts above? The retro style shorts is catching on but shorts with the star-spangled banner? It’s too good to not feature it on the list. World MMA Gear manufacture these shorts in Thailand and they go up to 5XL which fits a 40” waist. For the patriot in you. Go on and wear these proudly for your training or even your fights, this is just too good to resist.

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Anthem Athletics Infinity

This is one of the best selling Muay Thai shorts on Amazon. It comes in more than 10 colors but more importantly for you, the XXL fits a 38″-42″ waist. It has a nice slit on the side that isn’t unnecessarily high while still allowing for all of your high kicks and splits. The design is simple unlike the usual Muay Thai shorts offerings, so they will appeal to those with more subtle aesthetic preference. These are made with light microfiber material with tear-resistant qualities and fully machine-washable. No more hand washing!

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MMA Shorts
best muay thai shorts for big guys
An alternative to Muay Thai shorts is MMA board shorts. They are growing in popularity at gyms everywhere. As most MMA brands are American- or European-based, their board shorts are geared towards American and European sizes.

MMA shorts fit as they are tagged so a X-Large will fit like an American X-Large that you are use to. Some brands also come in actual waist measurements in inches and this makes buying from online retailer a lot easier.

For more information on MMA shorts, read this article: “MMA Shorts for Muay Thai”.

Customized/Bespoke Shorts
This may not be the cheapest option but it will offer the best fitting. Everything from the waist, to the length, to the leg opening and down to your choice of design will be tailored to meet your needs. Not only are they going to fit great, they will also look just the way you want them to. As they say, “when you look good, you feel good”.

As far as we are aware, Phuket-based label, Fightlab, offers this service. Head over to their website -or even better, their store- to work out the details of your tailor made fight shorts.

Click here to visit Fightlab website

Tips on buying Muay Thai shorts Online

There is no standardization across the many Muay Thai brands so an X-Large will fit differently from one brand to another. The situation is made trickier when the measurements and recommended fitting on the website is a generalization, since some people prefer a looser fit while some prefer a tight snug fitting. Here are a couple more tips when it comes to online Muay Thai shorts shopping.

  • Already made an online purchase of Muay Thai shorts that turned out too tight at the waist? Check out this wikihow page to find out how you can loosen the stretch of the elastic waistband. I tried all 3 methods and number 3 worked the best for me. Muay Thai shorts waistband are usually made up of 5-7 thin rubber bands. You will have to cut at least 2-3 of them to have any noticeable effect.
  • If you have a fight store around your area, you can head down and try their stock out for fitting. Once you have a good idea of how each brand and its sizes fit, you can go back and make your purchase online. Due to space rental, a brick and mortar store will typically charge higher for the same item. But if the price difference isn’t insanely marked up, you might be able to forge a bond with your local fight store by supporting them. They will be able to order the design you want and even offer you a discount.


Comfort can be a bit subjective since some like it loose, while others might like it snug or tight. You may have to make a few purchases before finding the brand that works best for you. But if you follow our tips and recommendations, you should ideally find the right shorts for your Muay Thai training with minimal effort.

Chok Dee!

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  5. jamie says

    Ring to Cage offers some big boy sizes in Muay Thai shorts and they have them on amazon too!

  6. Jacqueline Bynum says

    I purchased Muay Thai Shorts Some weeks ago and I have not received them.

    1. Kay says

      Hi, from which website?

  7. g says

    LOL 42” max is big?
    …dumb dumb dumb

    I have a pair of ring to cages largest shorts and they can almost fit one of my thighs. [just about 2” to large to fit my SINGLE thigh]

    at full stretch I can get them on my 46” waist but they bind when i kick.

    20yrs later since muay thai became popular and NOBODY MAKE THAI BOXING SHORTS IN AMERICAN SIZES…!!!!

    1. Kay says

      On behalf of the global Muay Thai community, I apologise to #thicc folks like yourself who have trouble finding Muay Thai shorts in your sizes.
      There may not be enough #thicc people training the sport to justify brands making 20XL apparel. However, the beauty about Muay Thai is that it doesn’t mandate everyone wearing Muay Thai shorts. You can see Thai fighters wearing normal exercise shorts during training. Alternatively, you can contact the respective brands and request for shorts in custom sizes. A little initiative can often go a long way. Good luck!

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