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Yokkao Boxing Muay Thai Gloves Review

In my time training in the sport of Muay Thai, I have gone through a whole host of different brands from Thailand and abroad. You can find my gloves recommendations in a number of "top ten" articles on the website (see "Best Muay Thai…

The 10 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards in 2018

Updated 6th Feb 2018: It's the beginning of the year and time yet again to revisit the annual search for the best Muay Thai shin guards. New models have been introduced, while some brands choose to retain their existing line-up (if it ain't…

Wiz Khalifa Opts for Yokkao Muay Thai Shorts

American rapper, singer-songwriter and actor Wiz Khalifa has been getting serious training Muay Thai and BJJ and working on his physique in the past year. The tall and lanky celebrity has been gaining some muscle mass over his…

The Rise of Yokkao

Premium gear, fight promotions, pre-eminent fight team: Here's a look at Yokkao Boxing the company and how it has managed to stay competitive against its myriad rivals (or even ahead in some cases)