Synthetic Leather Shin Guards for Muay Thai

In the majority of gyms, sparring is done almost exclusively with shin protectors. Your shins are one of the most sensitive bones and it’s not practical to get injured during training. There are far safer and better ways to condition your shins with heavy bag training. If you are planning to do any sparring in Muay Thai, you are definitely going to need shin guards.

There is a growing demand for synthetic leather shin guards due to the increasing converts to veganism even in the fighting circles. As technology improves, synthetic leather is matching up to the durability of real leather and providing quality fight gear at more affordable prices. If you are open to more ethically friendly gear options, read on. (See related article: “Vegan Muay Thai”)

How to Choose the Best Shin Guards
In order to choose the best shin guards for your sparring, it is helpful to know some of their basic characteristics.

Protection Vs Mobility
Technically speaking, the wider the shin guards, the more protective they are since they cover a larger area of your legs. The compromise is that they are bulkier and will slow down your movements to a certain degree. Inversely, the narrower the shin guards, the lighter they are and your movements will be faster. The downside is that you are more likely to get bruises on your legs.

Sizing and Fit
Shin guards typically come in general sizing of small/medium/large/X-large. Obviously, the bigger your calves are, the bigger size you will need. If your shin guards are too big, they will shift a lot during sparring and you will need to readjust them frequently. If they are too small, they might not offer enough protection, fit too tightly and are uncomfortable to wear.

The fit of shin guards also varies from brand to brand. For the same size, Brand X might fit wider than Brand Y. At the same time, some will cover even the knees while some will not. If you want shin guards that fit you exactly the way you want, it is imperative that you try on a few brands to find one that you like.

Muay Thai Shin Guards Vs MMA Grappling Shin Guards
MMA shin guards are designed with grappling in mind so they are usually less bulky compared to Muay Thai shin guards. MMA guards usually come in neoprene sleeves to keep the guards in place during intensive scrambling and rolling on the floor. Muay Thai guards held with straps are not practical under such conditions. Consequently, due to this compromise for mobility, MMA guards do not protect as much as Muay Thai guards. There is a lot more focus on striking especially with legs in Muay Thai and you need adequate protection when you block and check your sparring partner’s kicks.

Real Leather Vs Synthetic Leather
As with boxing gloves, genuine leather is still the most popular choice when it comes to buying shin guards. In most cases, they last longer than other materials such as synthetics. However, high quality synthetic leather can sometimes match up to the durability of real leather. Additionally, you get more options with synthetics in terms of flashier designs and range of colors. Very importantly, synthetic leather is a vegan’s best choice.

How to try Shin Guards for Size/Fit
Tip – Ask your gym mates if you can try out their shin guards to check the fitting. There will be a myriad of brands and models being worn at your gym so you can try them all out. It’s also a good way to make friends if you are new to the gym.

Tip – If your gym is of a decent quality, it is likely that they carry their own line of fight gear or even a few of the more popular brands. The best thing about buying from your gym is that you get to try them on first and you will often get a discount as a member. Prices, however, are usually higher than what you can find online for the same items.

Tip – There’s a good chance that you can find at least one fight store in your town or city. If you don’t feel shy about it, you should head down to check the selection and try them on for size before committing to a purchase online. Due to rental and other operating costs of a brick-and-mortar retail store, the prices will usually be higher than online retail price tags. However, if you are able to maintain a good relationship with your local fight store, you may be able to get some good deals or discounts. Nothing beats feeling/trying out the gears in real life and rubbing shoulders with fellow fight enthusiasts.

Synthetic Leather Shin Guards Recommendations
There is a good selection of high quality synthetic shin guards out in the market. We understand that it can be tedious to source the best synthetic leather shin guards among a sea of real- and faux- leather Muay Thai and MMA gear. So we have taken the liberty to do the hard work for you because we are nice like that. Here are our top choices:

Fairtex Pro Style Shin Guards SP3
synthetic shin guard for muay thaiThese were my very first pair of shin guards and I bought them based on their price point. In terms of aesthetics, these are really plain and simple. They cover till under the knees and I have gotten my fair share of knee bruises. The coverage is also not wide enough and shifts during sparring so I have gotten bruises on the inside of the legs as a result. The narrow straps and buckles are not particularly comfortable when you secure them tightly.

As with all Fairtex gear, these are high quality and durable and I only got them replaced because they just weren’t giving me the kind of protection I needed. If you are fine with minimal protection and want something less bulky, these will do just fine.

Click here to buy Fairtex FP3 on Amazon

Fairtex Neoprene Shin Guards SP6
synthetic shin guards for muay thaiThe SP6 was designed for MMA and grappling, but can also be used for Muay Thai sparring. There are some distinct pros and cons for this style of shin protectors. These guards differs from the usual Muay Thai guards basically in the way they are worn. They are worn over your calves like sleeves instead of the usual hook and loop velcro straps. Such a design makes them less likely to shift during sparring and is a welcome advantage.

The sizing runs a little small so this also makes them a little harder to put on or take off compared to the usual velcro straps. The other major disadvantage is that the padding just adequately covers the shins, leaving a sizeable area of the inner and outer sides of the calves and the ankles unprotected.

Click here to buy Fairtex FP6 on Amazon

Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards SP7
synthetic shin guard for muay thaiAs far as leg protection goes in sparring, this is as good as it gets. The SP7 covers as much of your lower legs as is possible without restricting your Muay Thai kicks. Your feet, shin, knees and ankles are all padded up for maximum protection.

These are very comfortable in all ways and the detachable shin and foot design allows for the most natural range of leg movements. The super thick padding are excellent and will withstand even the hardest of kicks. As synthetic gear, these hold up against to any other genuine leather shin guards in the market and lives up to the reputation of the brand name. Our top choice for the best overall protection.

Click here to buy Fairtex SP7 on Amazon

Windy Pro Style Shin Guards
synthetic shin guard for muay thaiWindy has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of training protective gear. They are a classic Muay Thai brand and even though there isn’t a lot of innovation in their designs or aesthetics, they make good quality and durable products.

These pro style shin guards look, feel and fit exactly the same as the Fairtex SP3 reviewed earlier. Similarly, they offer mobility over protection with the narrow design and light weight. They cost around the same too and would make for good entry level shin protectors.

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Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Striking Shin Guards
synthetic shin guard for muay thaiIn terms of overall protection, these Hayabusas are right up there with the Fairtex SP7. They also boast the I-strap system which is the first shin guards ever to provide a calve protective strip for enhanced protection and delivering a more secure fit. The straps are wide and comfortable and there is a non-slip inner lining for added security against shifting during intensive spars.

The foam padding is thick on both the shin and the foot padding and you will feel indestructible during your bouts with your sparring partners. Our other top choice for best overall protection.

Click here to buy Hayabusa on Amazon

Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards
synthetic shin guards for muay thaiIf loud colors are your thing, then Venum is our top recommendation. Venum are known for their eye-catching aesthetics, but they make pretty darn good fight gear too.

Like the popular Venum Elite boxing gloves, these shin guards are proudly made in Thailand for the best assured quality. The lightweight provides unrestricted mobility while the dense foam padding offers protection against the hardest knocks. There is also padding on the foot to protect against being stepped on.

The extra wide straps provide a good fit, although a hook and loop design would have offered added security. Like Hayabusa, they are priced on the higher side but you will get what you pay for. As an added advantage, your sparring partners may just get blinded by the flashy neons and won’t see your kicks coming.

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Contender Fight Sports MMA Pro-Style Shin Guards
synthetic leather shin guards for muay thaiFor the budget conscious
, this is our recommendation. These Contenders look similar to the Fairtex SP3 and Windy shin protectors reviewed above. The design and coverage of protection is almost identical. However, there is no padding on the foot padding so there is no protection when you are being stepped on. The thin hook and loop straps don’t seem to provide a very secure fit and are not the most comfortable straps.

The padding is rather flimsy compared to the others on the list but if you are looking for an affordable pair of shin guards just to get you started, this is a popular choice. Again, you get what you pay for.

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A pair of good shin guards will go a long way in minimizing sparring injuries. Trust me when I say that the physical pain of getting injured is not as unbearable as the emotional pain of not being able to train due to injury. The synthetic leather shin guards recommendations here offer you the necessary protection while avoiding the unnecessary need for using animal derivative products. Train hard, train safe, train in peace.

Chok dee!

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  4. Henry says

    This website looks great for looking up cruelly-free fighting gear. I was searching shin guards and the Venom Predator Standup Shinguards on state in the product description that it is made with a blend of skintex leather and buffalo leather. I am wondering if the rest of the Venom line-up is made with the same blend?

    1. Kay says

      Hi Henry. I have emailed Venum before and Skintex is 100% synthetic leather. The Elite shin guards are made using 100% skintex leather so they are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.

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