Pink! Women’s Muay Thai Shorts

Hey ladies, are you tired of the over-masculine Muay Thai shorts designs? Looking to add a touch of femininity to your workout style while you kick ass at Muay Thai training or sparring? If so, just sit back, relax and get ready for a visual festival of some of the best-looking women’s Muay Thai shorts, specially curated for you.

About Muay Thai Shorts

I love Muay Thai shorts. No apparel or gear defines the Muay Thai fighter as uniquely as the Muay Thai shorts. They are as functional as much as they are awesome looking. As far as fightwear goes, Muay Thai shorts are undeniably the most flamboyant and striking amongst all martial arts.

During competitions, fighters’ shorts are often adorned with all kinds of loud, almost kitschy, embroideries and colors. Elaborate Thai fonts, tribal designs, popular culture icons, the gym’s logo, even names of advertisers and sponsors often cover their shorts. Anything goes when it comes to Muay Thai shorts designs. Save for images of the Thai King, as it is seen as a form of disrespect to place the royal image below the waistline.

Another characteristic that makes Muay Thai Shorts Muay Thai shorts, is their length. The distinctly shorter cut is made to allow the full range of kicks without restricting a fighter’s movement. The heat and humidity in Thailand can often be overbearing. As such, the shorts’ baggy cut also allows for better breathability and comfort. Take a look at the comparison between Muay Thai, boxing and mma board shorts below:

There is no written rule that says you have to wear Muay Thai shorts when you train Muay Thai. But almost everyone who trains Muay Thai inevitably falls in love with these fight shorts. It’s also a way to show our love for the sport.

Training with Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai shorts are about the coolest looking and best choice of attire for training. However, there are a couple of things to take note of when you wear them for training:

#1 MuayThai shorts have really wide leg openings and some have side slits that ride high up the thighs. It is thus recommended to consider wearing something more appropriate underneath. Many women wear dark boxer briefs to prevent excessive exposure and maintain some form of modesty. Thongs or lacey underwear may not be the most appropriate underwear, in case your gym partners and trainers get too distracted when you perform those gravity-defying high kicks. Compression shorts/tights are also popular and a comfortable choice among trainers and fighters. Going commando is never recommended.

#2 When it comes to the material of the shorts, my recommendation is to always go for thick, high quality satin, unless you enjoy having your gym mates staring and making out the designs of your underwear. With low quality material such as nylon, your muay thai shorts become rather translucent when it gets drenched with sweat. Additionally, (polyester) satin is a more durable material, which makes it more ideal for the rigors of Muay Thai training.

Difference between Women’s and Men’s Muay Thai Shorts
As a traditionally male sports, Muay Thai sports were originally designed for mens but they have largely been accepted as unisex apparel over the years due to the increase of females training in the sport. So it isn’t uncommon to see both men and women wearing the exact same model of Muay Thai shorts.

To better cater to the demand, some brands have took to offering shorts designed with the female aesthetic preference in mind. Take a look at the comparison below:

You can see in the image above that the women’s shorts have shorter length, as well as a shorter waistband (low rise). Besides the difference in the cutting, many women’s Muay Thai shorts employ a key design component, which is the lavish use of the color pink.

Pink Muay Thai Shorts

It’s true: the color pink makes everything looks pretty.

In Thailand, pink represents Mangala, the Thai God of war, and symbolizes strength and endurance. There is also a Thai traditional belief that dressing in a certain colour each day will bring you good luck and pink is the color of Tuesday. So besides being a lovely color, it is also an auspicious color.

There is an urban myth circulating around Muay Thai circles that fighters had to prove themselves to be worthy of the color pink before they can take to wearing pink fighter shorts. Unlike the effeminacy associated with the color pink in many cultures, the right for a man to wear pink had to be earned in Muay Thai. I don’t know how exactly true this is, but I honestly don’t think anyone is going to challenge anybody’s choice of shorts colors at the gym. This definitely doesn’t apply to women obviously since wearing pink is a widely acknowledged birthright.

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude. When you wear pink Muay Thai shorts, you are essentially saying, “I embrace my femininity, but understand that I can kick your ass too, if I want”.

Best Women’s Muay Thai Shorts

There is a surprisingly huge selection of Muay Thai shorts that would suit the Nak Muay Yings out there. Here are some of the prettiest, coolest and craziest options available:


This lesser-known Thai brand has a good selection of good quality pink and female-themed shorts. My personal favorite is definitely the Powerpuff Girls design. The Powerpuff Girls must be the earliest representation of feminism in cartoons. They taught that girls can be tough and sweet at the same time. Powerpuff!

Click here to view more Thaismai shorts on Amazon

Top King

This popular Muay Thai brand needs no introduction. Top King Muay Thai gear is renowned for its quality and aesthetics. While their shorts designs are mostly male-oriented, there are some striking pink shorts that deserves a spot on the list. Absolute head-turning material.

Click here to view more Top King shorts on Amazon

Venum Bangkok Inferno

A perfect juxtaposition of girlish bright pink with a deadly black Venum snake logo embroidery. The ideal shorts for all femme fatales. As always, Venum delivers.

Click here to buy Venum shorts on Amazon

Tuff Boxing Pink Rose

Tuff Sport is a relatively new Muay Thai brand started in 2003 by online retailer They are based in Bangkok with all their items being made in Thailand. The brand first caught my attention with the unique designs of their Muay Thai shorts. These stand out among the traditional designs of other brands by printing directly on the shorts. A must-have for all Muay Thai fashionistas.

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For those who don’t know better, Sandee has been around for a while. They are not as popular as Twins or Top King but their gear are very well made and durable. This is a classic Muay Thai shorts design but the use of a pink base balances out the overall masculinity. Lovely touch.

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Retro Style Muay Thai Shorts

Another Muay Thai shorts design that is popular among female fighters is something that is known as the retro shorts. They have grown in popularity especially these few years and many Muay Thai brands like Top King, Yokkao, Twins etc. have taken to making these alternative fight shorts.

Retro shorts are shorter than regular-cut Muay Thai shorts, akin to the (Thaismai) women’s Muay Thai shorts shown above. Most brands also add mesh material on the sides to improve the breathability when wearing them for training. The side slits are also cut wider and higher than regular Muay Thai shorts. If you prefer something shorter, more fitting and skimpier, retro shorts are a great option.

Lumpinee Retro

Lumpinee has a nice range of retro Muay Thai shorts in many colors including 2 shades of pink! I have a pair of Lumpinee Retro shorts and they are comfortable and very well-made. Great quality, simple yet striking designs.

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It’s time to ditch those horrid-looking Muay Thai shorts in your wardrobe and be one of the first in your gym to spot these sweet, lovely recommendations above. Who says you can’t kickass and look sweet at the same time?

Chok dee!

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  3. Diana says

    I wonder if you can wear these fro the gym, They will surely look lovely and cute but I am worried about the comfort.

    1. Kay says

      These are all very comfortable, made with satin.

  4. […] Muay Thai shorts have largely been accepted as unisex apparel over the years but with the increase in females training in the sport, some brands have took to offering shorts designed with the female aesthetic preference in mind. These women’s shorts have shorter length, as well as a shorter waistband. Thaismai and Boxsense are 2 brands that have a nice selection of women’s Muay Thai shorts. Another brand that deserves a mention is Hong Kong-based Ultim8. For recommendations, check out “Pink! Women’s Muay Thai Shorts“. […]

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