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Exclusive Interview with Superbon Banchamek

In the sheltered car park of a characterless apartment complex in Bangkok, stands what looks oddly like a makeshift gym. Dingy and weary, a potent blend of Thai liniment oil and sweat  lingered in the air, perpetuated by July’s damp…

Matt Nielsen’s Guide to Muay Thai Vacations

Here’s the background story: Back when I started Muay Thai Citizen and traveling to train in Thailand, I would look up forums like Sherdog and Reddit/r/MuayThai as I research for related information. This is when I came across a Sherdog…

Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtom: There and Back Again

(This is my companion piece to an article I wrote for -the now defunct- Rough Magazine originally published on 22nd March 2018. Namsaknoi is now a free-lance trainer at Attachai Muay Thai in Bangkok and occasionally does seminars around the…

Get In The Ring: Andy Newall

I interviewed England's Andy Newall, founder and Muay Thai head coach of Hertford Combat Academy in UK. He comes with over 20 years of experience in the sport. Real stories, real tips from real fighters.