Hi! Kay here, founder of Muay Thai Citizen dot com.

Muay Thai Citizen was originally created as an ongoing document of my personal journey in the world of Muay Thai. We scoured the Internet, poured through martial arts and fitness books from the libraries, and learning from some of the best fighters, in the pursuit of this passion and share my experience on this site. 

The website has since evolved into a broader spectrum in terms of the coverage on the sport. Muay Thai Citizen now covers gear reviews, Thai travel tips, fight news, events, training guide, and also exclusive features such as brand spotlight, gym reviews, and fighter interviews. I travel to Thailand a few times a year to train at different gyms and attend Muay Thai events to stay updated on the sport. 

We post Muay Thai memes on Instagram and Facebook too. More exciting plans are in store for the site and it’s only going to get even better from here.

Whether you are a Muay Thai newbie or a seasoned Nak Muay; whether you train for fitness or to compete, hopefully you will find something inspiring, cool or helpful here on this site. 

Chok Dee!
– Kay