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Muay Thai For Kids

Note: I started training my 8-year-old girl at home this year as a physical activity to keep her fit and it has now come in handy during the COVID-19 lockdown. She's enjoying it immensely, learning the techniques and we train 45 minutes…

Muay Thai Training at Home

Is it possible to train Muay Thai at home? In some situations, that may be the only option for many people. I understand there are people living outside of metropolitan cities, who stay hours away from any decent Muay Thai or fight gym.

Cutting Out Weight Cutting

“I have always thought that weight cutting takes away from the whole beauty of martial arts. It should be about showing off your skills to the best of you ability and enjoying performing in front of a crowd. It shouldn’t be about weight…

Thai Boxing Liniment Oil Namman Muay Review

Step into any traditional Muay Thai camp or stadium and you will be instantly hit with the exotic scent of Thai oil permeating the air. It is an invigorating fragrance for those practising the sport but probably not a pleasant aromatic…