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Best Muay Thai T-Shirts

People who train Muay Thai are proud of the sport and often wear the love on their sleeves, literally, in or out of the gym. Be it a gym sports jacket or a printed t-shirt depicting elements of the martial arts. And while nothing shows your…

Muay Thai Heavy Bag for Kids

If you have children who have started training Muay Thai or other striking martial arts, you might want to consider installing a heavy bag at home for them. Heavy bag training is an essential component of many martial arts programs as it…

Best Tips for Your Heavy Bag Maintenance

You’ve got your heavy bag and started training at home. You’ve probably spent a bit of money to get the bag as well as quite a lot of effort to set it up and you want it to last as long as you keep training. In this article, I share a few…

Best Muay Thai Online Stores

Online shopping is the new normal. There has never been an easier way to shop as online marketplaces offer pretty much everything you can think of. Ever since I started training Muay Thai, I have looked to the web to purchase my Muay Thai…
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