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Sawadee Krap! Welcome to Muay Thai Citizen. We cover everything from gear reviews, Thailand travel tips, training guide, and also exclusive features such as brand spotlight, gym reviews, and fighter interviews. 

Whether you are a Muay Thai newbie or a seasoned Nak Muay; whether you train for fitness or to compete, hopefully you will find something inspiring, cool or helpful here on this site.

Chok dee!

Muay Thai Gear

Looking to get new gear for Muay Thai training? Here you can find honest reviews of Muay Thai gear & equipment from the various fight brands in the market along with guides on gear maintenance. 

Check out our most popular articles to get you started:

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Beginners Central

Are you new to Muay Thai? You will find everything you need in this section for a Muay Thai beginner. Alternatively, you can download a free eBook to read at your pace.

Here are the best reads to get you started:

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Thai Travel Tips

Planning a Muay Thai training vacation to Thailand? Check out gym reviews, training guides, gear shopping guides, Muay Thai stadium guides and more right here.

Some information to help your planning:

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Fighters’ Stories

Get inspired with interviews, stories and lists of the best Muay Thai fighters past & present.

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