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Where to Buy Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok 2020

(Update 2nd February 2020: I update this page from time to time with new stores and price guides. I can't guarantee the prices are up to date as they may have been adjusted since my last update. Do NOT buy from some random Muay Thai shop in…

Top 10 Kickboxers You Should Know

So I have started following the kickboxing scene more religiously now and have really enjoyed watching several of the fighters in the top promotions like Glory and Kunlun Fight. If you have just started following Kickboxing like me, you…

Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know

Firstly, this is not the definitive list for the best Muay Thai fighters of any era. This list features 10 Thai native fighters, past and present, that have come to shape the sport in various ways over the last few decades. To me,