A Quick Guide to Your Custom Muay Thai Brand

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Are you a gym, fight team, or a new brand looking to custom make your own Muay Thai gear?

Well, lately, I have been toying with the idea of creating custom Muay Thai shorts for this website. I started to look around the web for options and while there are a few companies offering such services, they are typically intermediaries and not the manufacturers themselves. The advantage of making your custom gear through middlemen can bring less hassle since you are dealing with someone who speaks the same language. However, the costs invariably increase.

The bulk of fight brands today get their products made in either of 2 locations, namely Thailand or Pakistan. China is also an available option but as far as I know, none of the top labels take the Chinese route. I think there’s no need to argue over this but if you are looking to produce your own Muay Thai gear, the most logical option would be to go directly to the source: Thailand. The best Muay Thai brands such as Fairtex, Twins and Yokkao are all Thailand-based with their own manufacturing facilities.

Most of the Thai brands including Fairtex, Twins, Top King, Boon Sport and Raja offer manufacturing services for custom products and it may be possible to deal with them over email but best done in person at the factories to avoid miscommunications.

Through this Muay Thai website, I regularly receive spam emails from Pakistan fight gear manufacturers. I have very little experience with gear made in Pakistan but so far, I have never been really impressed. It isn’t so much the quality as the country has many decades of gear-making history. If you have grown accustomed to made-in-Thailand gloves and shorts, there is a very apparent difference in the overall feel due to the materials used. This is most obvious in the Muay Thai shorts. Thai satin shorts tend to be smoother and looks more premium.

From my own research, I have come across a couple of options that I feel comfortable recommending to my readers. Just the whole website interface makes these companies a lot easier to navigate and order.

Muay Thai Factory BKK

Although I can’t ascertain the origin and history of this manufacturer, they have fulfilled a few European orders so far according to their Instagram and results looked really good. I like that you can order a sample product to check the material and quality before placing a mass order. I noticed they have both traditional and retro style shorts, so that’s pretty neat.

Click here to visit Muay Thai Factory BKK website

Muay Thai Factory

Muay Thai Factory is one of my top recommendations for shopping authentic Muay Thai products. The online store has attractive prices on a wide range of goods from many different brands. Production for custom orders takes about 20 days. For their custom mass orders, they are using Siam Tops which is likely to be their in-house brand. Not sure about the quality but this is definitely a lower-budget option.

Click here to visit Muay Thai Factory website

Boon Sport

Founded by Australian entrepreneur, Scott Marr back in 2002, Boon Sport is a well-known brand in the Muay Thai industry. The modest brand has a factory of its own in Bangkok and offers custom service too. Among the myriad Thai brands, Boon Sport is an excellent option since it is run by English-speaking folks. Communications can be a hit or miss with Thai businesses but that is no issue at Boon. Prices are fair and quality is excellent. I recommend using the retro shorts.

Click here to visit Boon Sport website

SKS Empire

Similar to Boon Sport, SKS is run by a farang in Thailand. It manufactures its own extensive line of Muay Thai gear but offers mass orders for customized gym shorts. Romain Denevault, a French ex-fighter and rapper is the man behind the label. It’s a company that is growing and while I can’t comment on the quality as I have not personally made any customized orders, I can vouch for the service which is always friendly.

Click here to visit SKS Empire website


If anyone gets to using any of the recommendations, do let me know how it worked out for you. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to leave a message here or via contact form.

Chok dee!

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12 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Your Custom Muay Thai Brand”

  1. Hey,
    I am looking to make my own shorts for my husband and the gym he trains at. He is a Muay Thai fighter, and I was wondering if you were able to find any templates or anything like that I would love to have them if you don’t mind.

    Thanks so much,
    Laura Pace

  2. Hey I’m starting up a martial arts brand and wanted to make custom gloves for said brand. How would I go about this? I’d like to put my own logo on it as well.

  3. I’m looking for private label manufactures for MMA & boxing gloves,pads,protectors, MMA shorts and rashguards for a new brand.
    Struggling to find any legit quality manufacturing operations.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • I receive tonnes of spam emails from Pakistan manufacturers (don’t know if they are legit though). Most Thai factories don’t advertise but there are intermediaries in Thailand like SKS Empire who will help you with mass production.


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