Best Muay Thai Blogs That You Should Follow

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Muay Thai blogs -and bloggers- give us insight into the sport that you may not get elsewhere. They go deep into a topic that is more penetrating than in other mediums like videos or social media posts.

I remember researching extensively for information about Muay Thai when I just started training. There are many Muay Thai blogs and I read almost all of them. Some proved to be tremendously helpful while there are some that were short on delivering true value.

Many martial arts blogs are written by bloggers from a Western perspective and experience. There are many blogs that write about Muay Thai but focus on its secondary role as a striking base for mixed martial arts (MMA). 

If you wish to learn more about authentic Muay Thai and the way it is practised in Thailand, there are a handful of quality sites to check out. 

Best Muay Thai Blogs (2020)

Here is a list of the best Muay Thai blogs out on the web, each with a brief description so you know if it is what you are looking for:

Damien Trainor

muay thai blog

Damien Trainor is a Muay Thai coach and former fighter from the UK. He competed professionally for almost two decades with multiple periods living and fighting in Thailand. Damien won 4 European titles as well as world titles over his career.

Since retiring in 2016, he has turned to coaching full-time at his gym in Birmingham UK. He is widely recognized as one of the best striking coaches today. He shares training and fighting tips regularly on his social media accounts with followers from around the world.

Damien spends most of his online efforts on making video content for social media nowadays but his blog remains a goldmine of information. 

The blog offers more than just the instructional content that he is best known for. He shares insights on Muay Thai fighting, and various topics about the sport that he acquired from his competitive years.

Check out my interview with Damien if you want to know more about the UK legend.


8 Limbs Us

muay thai blog

Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu is an American female Muay Thai fighter based in Thailand. She is a prolific fighter with close to 300 Muay Thai fights under her belt. Sylvie is also one of the most hardworking Muay Thai content creators out there with thousands of articles and videos on the web.

She runs the 8 Limbs blog with her husband Kevin who mainly handles the photography and videography. There are a ton of free articles available on the blog along with additional video and written content available only for her Patreon supporters.

8 Limbs Us is a fantastic resource for female fighters as Sylvie frequently shares about her own fighting experience in Thailand. It is equally informative for men as she covers a wide range of topics from training, techniques, gym reviews, golden era fighters and Thai cultures.

It is simply a bewildering volume of content and Sylvie’s 8 Limbs Us is right up there as one of the top 3 Muay Thai blogs to follow.


Muay Thai Guy

muay thai blog

The Muay Thai Guy blog has been around since 2013. It is one of the earliest Muay Thai blogs and most well-known today. 

American pro fighter, Sean Fagan is the Muay Thai Guy with over 30 fights on his record. Today, he is more known as a Muay Thai YouTuber for his training videos.  

Sean has trained and lived in Thailand for a number of years. He is now based on Koh Pha-Ngan island in Southern Island, training at Diamond Muay Thai while churning out regular video content. 

The main focus here is on Muay Thai training with tips on techniques, workouts, strengthening exercises and competitive fighting. This is the perfect website if you are just starting out, looking to take your skills to the next level or preparing for your very first Muay Thai fight.

Check out my review of Sean’s training program in my “Nak Muay Nation Review” article.


Muay Thai Pros

muay thai blog

Muay Thai Pros started in 2014 with a wide coverage on Muay Thai training. Canadian brothers Stephen and Ben Kong are behind the MTP blog. They tackle topics like gear reviews and training tips. 

MTP is now mostly run by Stephen who has stopped fighting to concentrate on the blog. He is based in Phuket so I highly recommend the blog for Phuket-related information and training guide. 

MTP also started its own fight gear brand with a small range of apparel, Muay Thai shorts and gloves. This is why you will find MTP plugging their own merch in their gear round-ups for obvious reasons. 

Overall, this is a great blog to check out for general training tips and those planning to make the trip out to train in Thailand (especially Phuket).


Muay Ying

muay thai blog

American female fighter, Angela Chang runs Muay Ying which focuses on the female Muay Thai scene. 

The female Muay Thai scene has grown in recent years owing to exposure on televised promotions like One Championship and Super Champ Muay Thai. These events regularly feature female bouts that have proven to be exciting and of a high-level. 

Muay Ying puts the spotlight on Nak Muay Ying (female Muay Thai fighters), promoting them in a male-dominant sport. The blog is also sometimes autobiographical as Chang shares about her life training and living in Thailand. 

If you are a female fighter looking for information on training/living/fighting in Thailand, Muay Ying is a good online resource to check out. 

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Muay Thai Citizen

muay thai citizen blog

I’ve saved the best for last. 

If I had to be unabashedly honest, Muay Thai Citizen (MTC) is one of the best sources for authentic Muay Thai content online. The materials are always thoroughly researched and collected from first-hand experience training and traveling in Thailand.

I created MTC with beginners in mind as I personally faced many training challenges when I first started out training.

A lot of the Muay Thai content is made from the MMA and western perspective, so I also wanted to promote authentic Muay Thai that is true to the source. 

MTC differs from other Muay Thai blogs with exclusive content such as fighter interviews/stories, Muay Thai history, authentic gear reviews and Thai travel information.

If you are just starting out on your Muay Thai journey, or if you are a true-blue fan of the sport, you have arrived at the right place. Welcome and I am certain you will enjoy your stay here.



Muay Thai blogs provide us with actionable tips to help us on our training journey. They also give us supplementary knowledge about the sport which can help us appreciate it on a deeper level.

As Dr Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know”. 

Happy training and happy reading!

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