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Online shopping is the new normal. There has never been an easier way to shop as online marketplaces offer pretty much everything you can think of. Ever since I started training Muay Thai, I have looked to the web to purchase my Muay Thai gear and apparel.

In this article, I will recommend some of the best Muay Thai online stores that I have shopped at. (Read all the way through as I have a discount code for you at one of the stores to get the best savings)

Pros & Cons of Shopping Online

The pros of buying your gear online is that prices are often lower compared to physical shops especially if you are not based in Thailand.

You are also more likely to find the exact model that you want since the selection is bigger with multiple stores to choose from. Shipping takes about 5 days even when shipped from Thailand which is reasonably fast.

The one downside I can think of is that you are not able to try them on for sizing and fitting. However, you can overcome this problem in a few ways:

  • Read the reviews of customers (Amazon)
  • Try with your friends’ gloves
  • Lastly, most online stores have a good return/exchange policy and you can eventually get everything sorted out easily. 

Amazon vs Thailand-based Online Stores

Besides the Amazon marketplace, you can also shop from Muay Thai online reseller stores. Many of these stores are based in Thailand so they are likely to stock more brands and models compared to Amazon.

Prices aren’t always a lot cheaper since they receive the same wholesale discount as many of the Amazon sellers. Additionally, you have to factor in the express shipping cost which can be easily double of what you would pay if you shop at Amazon. (Sometimes you get free shipping for Amazon purchases)

For comparison purposes, I have used the Fairtex BGV-1 and Twins Special BGVL-3 which are the bestselling Muay Thai gloves. I have also included the Top King shin guards which I highly recommend.

Below is a quick comparison of the prices to expect when you shop at the online stores (recommended in this article) for shipping to the US:

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Best Muay Thai Online Stores

Overall, I still highly recommend going with for Muay Thai gear shopping. However, there are other factors to consider that I highlight for each shop in the reviews below.

There are occasions where you can’t find the product at Amazon and instead of settling for a substitute, you can try your luck with other online stores.

Amazon is a well established online mall especially if you are based in the US, the UK or Canada. It is actually made up of about a million sellers from around the world.

Amazon provides a platform for these sellers and in most cases, takes care of the logistics and shipping to customers.

You may not always find the Muay Thai model that you are looking for (e.g. Raja shorts, Boon Sport gloves). However, there are enough Muay Thai and fight-related products to keep most satisfied.

The best part about shopping on Amazon is the convenience, the lower shipping costs (free if you are an Amazon Prime member) and a great returns policy. You can often find the same item offered by a few different vendors so the prices are very competitive. 


Bull Sports Direct

Run by the friendly Mr Kim with a physical store in downtown Bangkok, Bull Sports is a growing Muay Thai online store.

I give top brownie points for their great service and wide range of brands/products. In the past year, this has been my go-to for Muay Thai gear shopping.

Bull Sports is a lovely, honest Thai business that I heartily recommend and support. You can use the discount code “muaythaicitizen” to receive 10% off your purchase! Definitely go check out the store. 


Muay Thai Factory

Muay Thai Factory is one of the largest Muay Thai online stores out on the web. This has been one of my top recommendations for buying Muay Thai gear since day one.

While they look cheaply-priced compared to Amazon, it works out to be about the same after factoring the shipping cost. The price difference is not a lot but there’s a good chance of finding what you want here.

Another reason for shopping at Muay Thai Factory is that they offer gear/apparel customization service. Downside of shopping here is that exchanges/returns can be a problem and customer service is slow to respond.


Super Export Shop

SXS houses one of the biggest Muay Thai inventories, stocking all the Thailand-based brands like Fairtex, Twins, Yokkao, Top King, Raja, Windy, and European brands like Booster.

SXS has a big physical store in Bangkok that I recommend visiting if you are in town. Prices here are not as competitive compared to the other online stores but there is a wonderful range of products here that you don’t find on Amazon and other stores.

Definitely worth a look if you have something very specific that you are looking for. They also offer discounts like $5 off your first purchase and other promotions from time to time. 


Authentic Muay Thai Supply

Here’s a shoutout to Authentic Muay Thai Supply. This is a smaller scale online store that is based in the US. Think of AMS as like a curated store with hand-picked products instead of selling every brand and model there is.

You can find home-based brands like Infightstyle, Satraa and Nak Muay LA here. Prices are higher than what you would usually get on other online stores but you can often find rarer or limited edition designs here that you can’t find elsewhere. 


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