Buakaw’s New Official Fight Gear Finally Launched!

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Great news! After months of teasing on the Super Export Shop’s (SXS) Facebook page, the new official Banchamek Fight Gear is finally available for sale both online and in-store. Buakaw worked in partnership with the team at SXS and developed the new collection for fans and fighters around the world.  

Featuring a complete range of Muay Thai gear and apparel, the collection sports the name of the global fighting icon as well as the traditional lotus design. Buakaw’s name literally translates to “White Lotus” in Thai, hence the flower logo is frequently seen in his fight gear. (Banchamek is his family name) 

Buakaw Banchamek almost single-handedly raised Muay Thai’s status as arguably the most effective striking arts on the planet. In his years at K-1, the Thai superstar near cleaned out every single competition on the international stage and became a household name among global fight fans and a mega-celebrity in Thailand.

The official Buakaw Shop is currently in the works, with renovations ongoing at its site located beside the Super Export Shop in Khlong Toey (central Bangkok). Expanding from Super Export Shop, the Buakaw Shop is expected to open by March 2020 (opening is suspended due to covid-19). 

In the meantime, you can shop the Buakaw-inspired Muay Thai collection that is available at Super Export Shop’s Facebook page

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