Where to Eat While Training Muay Thai in Bangkok

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With its reputation as one of the world’s best street food cities, it is easy to overindulge in the gastronomic delights of Bangkok. It doesn’t help that training Muay Thai invariably leads to a voracious appetite. Bangkok is a foodie’s heaven with a bewildering selection of local and international cuisine, often at affordable prices. Gorging on food is a temptation that can be difficult to resist.

For many visitors to Thailand, it’s almost sacrilegious to leave without tasting the famed street food and various delicacies for which the country is known for. Moderation is key and even the Thai fighters give themselves a little treat of wine and dine every now and then.

However, rest and nutrition are still vital components of an effective Muay Thai program that must not be neglected. To achieve the best gains and top performance, a fighter not only need to give their best during training but also follow a nutritious diet.

Thankfully, as the awareness for the need of balanced and proper diet increases among younger and health-conscious Thais, there are now more healthy food options in the city. Besides vegan and organic restaurants popping up around the capital, there are also food delivery services to cater to different dietary requirements. For those training in Bangkok; planning a Muay Thai vacation to the capital and staying around more centralised districts, here are some of the best food options to keep to a healthy diet:

May Veggie Home

Established in 2013, this vegan restaurant has quickly grown to be a Sukhumvit favorite. May Veggie Home is located just a stone throw away from Asok BTS station, and its accessibility coupled with great-tasting Thai vegan dishes keeps the restaurant busy every evening. Those on plant-based diet will fall in love with this eatery instantly. May Veggie Home has managed to satisfy the palates of both vegans and meat-eaters. It’s hard to cook up a decent Thai dish without using fish sauce but they have managed to pull it off.

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm Daily


Roast at Emporium Mall is the place to go for clean food, good service, and a laid-back atmosphere. Expect a wide range of high-quality food with the freshest ingredients. They serve brunch all-day along with pasta, seafood and protein-packed meat options. Pair off with fresh coconut water and you are all set for another session of hard training at the gym.

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

Sushi Express (Terminal 21)

Fans of sushi can now get their fix without breaking the bank at this popular budget restaurant. At a standard 30 Baht per plate across the entire menu, diners can enjoy over 50 different selections. Deep-sea fishes like salmon are known for their high-quality content of Omega-3 fatty acids which help to curb inflammation in the body, gain muscle and lose body fat. There are other seafood choices such as squid, mussels, tuna, flying fish roe and many more! Don’t forget to order the tasty, ingredient-packed miso soup to kick off the feast.

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

Gourmet Market (Terminal 21)

In the same complex as Sushi Express is the local expat community’s favorite supermarket. Other than a wide range of fresh produce, there is also a massive choice of imported Western food – perfect for those with kitchen facilities. This is also the place to get a quick, healthy dose of greens with a self-serve salad bar. Other conveniently-located branches of Gourmet Market include Emporium and Siam Paragon.

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

Paleo Robbie

The Paleo diet has gotten popular in recent years especially among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. By cutting out processed foods and unnecessary condiments, this clean diet is ideal for health-conscious travellers who love to work out. Paleo Robbie (PR) is one of several food delivery services in Bangkok. Founded in 2013, PR makes eating clean easier than ever before. With a new menu every week that features 24 dishes comprising pasture-fed meat with organic salad, this food delivery service has been getting non-stop rave reviews from its customers. Try it!

Operating Hours: Delivery on Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm

Most of my food recommendations here are located in the same area. In my opinion, the Asok junction with Sukhumvit road is the best place to stay in Bangkok as it does not get any more accessible than this prime area. Easy access to public transport, great shopping options for everyone in the family, Muay Thai gear and gyms are aplenty in the vicinity, hotels to suit all budgets, and activities to keep you busy day and night.

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