How to Increase Punching Power: Beginner’s Guide

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Your fist is one of the most essential elements when it comes to defending yourself in a fight. However, It would be rather ineffective if you hit your opponent but weren’t able to damage or subdue them in any way. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to increase punching power!

While boxing is one of the top sports requiring the use of your fists as a weapon, it also applies to Muay Thai, kickboxing, or any combat sport that involves the use of your fists.  There are many techniques for learning how to increase punching power, but you need to find one that suits you and your style best. For example, you can test your might against a heavy bag or work on your stances.

To that end, we’re here to show why you should enhance your punching strength, how to do it, and the top mistakes to avoid. 

Why learn how to increase your punching power?

Many fighters will tell you that technique is one of the most significant elements in a fight. While this is true, someone with high punching power can easily take down fighters with the best skills in their arsenal. It’s best to use this strength if you’re to bridge any gaps you have in your stance, balance, or techniques.

Here are some advantages of increasing your punching power.

Damages your opponent

It’s challenging for anyone to continue fighting as hard as possible when they’re injured or damaged. The higher your punching strength,  the more damage you’ll inflict on your opponent. It wears them down to the point where they’re too injured to continue or simply are unconscious from head trauma .

Controls the pace

Besides dealing more damage to your opponent, you’ll have better control over the fight’s pace.  If you see an opponent coming in hard and fast, one slam from your increased punching power will quickly slow them down. It will make them think twice about confronting you with the same attack and disrupt their rhythm. 

Drives fear into your opponents

Fighters, especially in boxing, learn that they need to overcome fear when facing opponents in the ring. This element has such a massive impact on the result of the fight that many lose simply because they’re afraid of how much the punch will hurt or injure them. With increased punching strength, you can instill fear in your opponent from the first hard punch that you land.

Builds confidence in your abilities

While physical power will certainly help you in a fight, so will mental strength. If you’re hitting away at your opponent and they’re still standing strong, you’ll quickly lose faith in your ability to knock them off their feet. Increasing your punching power will help you feel more confident in the ring, no matter who you’re facing.

Now that you understand why you should increase your striking power, let’s take a look at a few methods you can use to do so.

How to increase your punching power

There are many ways you can increase punching power. Some focus on building on the core while others improve the strength and endurance in the arms. To make it easier to grasp and keep it organized, we’ve provided various categories of exercises.

Strength Training

Boxing focuses on a specific science that helps understand how punching power works. There are two formulas that work well in this instance: Force x Time and Mass x Velocity. You’ll notice the mass aspect, which is where fighters work on building muscle and adding weight to become stronger.

You’ll need to keep in mind that professional fighting careers like MMA and boxing have specific weight classes, so increasing mass isn’t always the ideal option. That’s where working on your strength, or force, comes in. You need to ensure that the final snap of your punch carries the powerful momentum that will drive your opponent towards defeat.

Throwing a medicine ball with a partner will help form that explosive force you need at the end of your punch while making it stronger. Plyometric push-ups let you drive maximum force in short bursts, which will aid you when you’re delivering several punches after each other. Just remember to also focus on your lower body and core, as they play essential roles in increasing punching power.

Technique Training

Even with maximum power or the strength of Thanos, it won’t make a difference if you can’t land the punch. As a matter of fact, you may end up draining your energy quicker than you can use it. That’s where finding the right technique comes in. Most of the force of a punch is generated in the hips, not from the arm, so it’s essential to work on the form of the punching motion. 

When you combine strategy and technique, you have what we call an intelligence offense. You’ll need to work on various combinations for when you find yourself in difficult situations. What’s more, you should practice taking and evading attacks from opponents.

One of the best ways to improve technique is shadowboxing. Not only can you practice driving your increased punching power through the air quickly, but you can also check your footwork and dodges. It’s essential that you make this part of your routine whenever you train so you can mentally play out a fight when preparing for one.

Sparring with a partner also goes a long way to strengthen your punching power while working on your technique. It lets you build your endurance for lengthy fights where your opponent might outwit you. Just don’t crush your training partner to the point where they no longer want to spar with you; it’s important to spar safely and intelligently to avoid injury and help both training partners improve. Try to find someone on the same power level or higher.

Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, beginners without the proper training make many mistakes when training to increase punching power. If you do it incorrectly, you’ll do more than just miss strikes or lose battles. You may end up injuring yourself before you ever find yourself in the ring.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid, inside and outside the ring:

  • Dropping your guard: Remember to keep your face and body protected at all times, as an opening for your opponent may be your downfall. 
  • Only focusing on strength: Neglecting technique in your power training is a bad idea. Work on your foundation while driving up your strength so you can find that perfect balance.
  • Forgetting footwork: With your mind focused on that ultimate punch towards the knockout, it’s easy to forget the footwork. The right stance will deliver the hardest strike, and you need them to work together. Simple things, like planting or turning your foot on a specific punch, can go a long way. 
  • Punching incorrectly: Different martial arts disciplines have different types of strikes. Some even use an open palm as a form of attack. Still, if you’re hitting with the wrong part of your hand, it may result in injury. Remember to also wrap your hand properly.
  • Flaring the elbows: Two things happen when you flare your elbow out before you strike. First, you’re showing your opponent what you’re about to do, causing them to defend. You’re also weakening the potential force of your punch, as it takes longer to get to the destination.
  • Not breathing properly: Your brain needs oxygen, not just in a fight, but for normal daily tasks. Many amateurs make the mistake of holding their breath while punching, which weakens the blow and lowers your endurance. Remember to exhale with each punch to maximize the impact, and then inhale to recover.

Does a heavy bag help improve punching power?

While shadowboxing helps with technique, it doesn’t engage muscles the same way as when your fist collides with an opponent. You won’t always have a partner around to take some hits. That’s when the heavy bag is incredibly useful. Let’s look at some advantages and techniques for increasing punching power.

Benefits of using a punching bag

The heavy bag provides a form of resistance, which is similar to the effect of hitting a human opponent. While you can train your muscles to hit harder, you’re also working on your endurance. The more stamina you develop, the longer you’ll last in the ring.

You’ll also develop coordination with your punches, which works hand-in-hand with improving your technique. By tightening your core with blocks and strikes, it increases upper body strength to take more blows. Your stronger and more efficient punches will also contribute to building your confidence.

There are some health benefits to using a heavy bag to increase punching power. For one, it helps to reduce anxiety, especially if you’re stressed about an upcoming match. Your bones and ligaments will also grow stronger as your muscles tear and flex while training. 

Heavy bag techniques for increased punching power

One technique you can use on the heavy bag is throwing an assortment of hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches in 10-second intervals. Switch to some light jabs and footwork around the bag for another 10 seconds before heading back to the first set of combinations. Consider three minutes enough time for one set before you rest.

Another method is alternating between two and three-hit combos while dipping and dodging to the sides as if you’re avoiding punches. It will give you the feel of a real fight while honing those movements. When you’re in the ring, you can imagine your opponent is the heavy bag if that helps to replicate your training.

Finally, you can alternate between building strength and speed. Take 30 seconds to slam the bag as hard as you can with that snap at the end. When you’re done, focus on fast attacks while exhaling on each impact. Take a break after three minutes, and then go for another set.


Increasing punching power is certainly not a dull experience, and you can have fun in training while doing so. Remember, it’s all about building that strength and confidence you need for the fight. Of course, the technique is also essential, but you need to follow it up with a powerful strike that will hopefully end the fight sooner rather than later. 

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