King of Knockout: Pornsanae Sitmonchai vs Yosuke Mizuochi

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The Killer Fist is back. Muay Thai brawling legend, Pornsanae Sitmonchai returns to the ring on 10th December against Japanese Muay Thai veteran, Yosuke Mizuochi for a fight of volcanic (as taglined by the organizers) proportions.

After a 23-year career, the 36 year-old Pornsanae announced his retirement back in 2015 following worries of his health after sustaining a head injury. He returned to his beloved Sitmonchai camp earlier this year after spending 2 years in Evolve MMA Singapore as a Muay Thai instructor. Since then, he has been spending his time as a trainer for the camp’s Thai and foreign fighters. Videos of him training surfaced recently with speculations of his return to the ring was confirmed as Knockout announced the match up.

This would not be the first Japanese fight appearance for Pornsanae. Before his retirement in 2015, the Muay Thai legend has had an unsuccessful 3-fight campaign in Japan with 2 losses and a debut draw. Pornsanae is of course, a big name in the international Muay Thai and kickboxing community, and certainly a big draw in this fight card.

His opponent, Yosuke Mizuochi is a regular on Knockout promotions. The 33 year-old veteran kickboxer fights out of the Hamakko Muay Thai gym in Yokohama. He has won a number of championship titles in his career including the WPMF World Lightweight and WBC Japan Lightweight belts. In 2013, he faced and lost to Pornsanae’s former 13 Coins camp mate and living legend, Saenchai in the Hoost Cup: Kings.

Knockout is a fairly new Japanese kickboxing promotions that started in 2016. While it markets mainly to domestic fight fans, its 2016 thriller match-up between high school prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa and Muay Thai star, Wanchalong PKSaenchai is widely known in the international community.

Muay Thai fans are pleased to see Pornsanae’s return to the ring even if it’s a one-off thing. The event which features 4 other Japanese match-ups on the fight card, will be held at the Kokugikan Stadium in Tokyo. The show begins at 13:00 (local time) and tickets can be purchased online at: Sunday, December 10 2017. Don’t miss it if you happen to be in the area during that period.

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