Muay Thai for Fitness

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Are you thinking about taking up Muay Thai for fitness purposes? Let me tell you straight up that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. It certainly is the case for me. 

Muay Thai is actually becoming more and more popular as a fitness sport around the world. Young and old, men and women alike are training Muay Thai and loving it. Although it has a reputation for being a brutal combat sport, there is a lot more to Muay Thai that makes it an exceptional fitness activity.

Is Muay Thai good for everyone?

Before we go into the benefits of Muay Thai, let address some of the doubts that you may have. 

Is Muay Thai Dangerous?

Muay Thai is certainly one of the most brutal combat sports in the world. However,  if you are training Muay Thai for fitness, there is no real danger of getting any serious injuries. 

Sure, you might get some aches and bruises but that is the same with most other martial arts training. 

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Is Muay Thai good for females?

More and more women around the world are taking up Muay Thai. Some are training for competitive purposes while most do it for fitness. You don’t have to be rough and tough to train Muay Thai. It is a welcoming sport with plenty of benefits for females such as weight loss and self-defense.

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Am I too old for Muay Thai?

Age is just a number. So long as you are medically approved by a medical specialist, you can start training Muay Thai at any age. Elders in their 60s and 70s are learning Muay Thai. Never underestimate what the human body is capable of. You can do it, if you want to. 

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Can my children learn Muay Thai?

Definitely! Many kids around the world are taking up Muay Thai and some are even competing as young as 5-6 years old. Muay Thai is a traditional Asian martial art that instills the right values and keeps children active and fit. 

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Can I take Muay Thai if I’m overweight?

If you are not in the best shape, training Muay Thai will help get you into achieving the best shape of your life. Muay Thai is a great way to exercise and lose weight. It will be exhausting at first but that is the case for almost all beginners. Many plus-sized folks are taking up Muay Thai and experiencing the benefits.

Benefits of Muay Thai for Fitness

If you are planning to embark on this martial arts journey, here are the top xx reasons why you should take up Muay Thai for fitness:

Weight Loss

If losing weight is your top priority, then look no further. 

Muay Thai training consists of different workouts that will burn calories like no other. Heavy bag and padwork are full-body exercises that will have you panting hard and drenching in pools of sweat.

Experts estimate that a session of Muay Thai training burns around 600 to 1000 calories. If you support it with the right diet, Muay Thai training will get you into shape much quicker than most fitness activities.

Get Stronger

Strong is the new sexy. Regular Muay Thai training improves stamina, energy and overall fitness. Muay Thai makes you strong but it doesn’t add bulk unless you incorporate extensive weight lifting into your training.

Besides physical strength, Muay Thai also makes you mentally stronger and more resilient. Training and trainers often push you to the limits which over time can help to improve mental strength.

When you get stronger, look better, it will also lead to more confidence. 


Muay Thai is also known as the art of 8 limbs for its use of two fists, two elbows, two knees and two shins. It is a complete martial art system with a wide range of combat techniques. There are long-, mid- and close-range fighting techniques to adapt to different scenarios. 

Many Muay Thai techniques will work in real-life situations as well as they do in the ring. Clinching, elbows, knees and push kicks are some Muay Thai moves that can defuse an aggressor. 

With consistent and persistent training, Muay Thai also sharpens reactions. This helps in minimizing the risks of being hurt by an aggressor. 

Most importantly, Muay Thai will get you fit so you can outrun an attacker which -imho- is the best self-defense technique.

Relieve Stress

I have always loved watching the sport so I decided to sign up for it for fitness and recreation reasons. The main reason is that I started training Muay Thai during a trying part of my life to help me cope with the emotional challenges. 

Muay Thai training is almost guaranteed to give you a boost with the endorphins rush. Endorphins are chemicals secreted within the brain and nervous system. Studies show that endorphins trigger positive feelings, relax the mind and improve the sleep quality. 

Whenever times get tough, heading to the gym for some Muay Thai training can help you to manage against stress, anxiety or even depression. That’s speaking from my personal experience.

It’s Fun

Unlike running, spinning, or swimming, Muay Thai training is always fun. There are so many techniques and combos to learn that there is no end on this martial arts journey. 

A complete Muay Thai curriculum consists of a variety of exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength and reaction. 

Trainers often incorporate different and creative methods to spice things up. This means that it never gets boring and it never gets easy. 


There are lots more benefits to Muay Thai than the ones above. Muay Thai training is varied and interesting but also easy to learn. Another benefit is that training at a gym offers community support. It also instills positive traits like self-discipline and respect.

Arrange a trial session, head over to the nearest Muay Thai gym and experience the benefits of Muay Thai for yourself. Once I did, it was clearly the best decision I have ever made in my life. It will be yours too.

Chok dee!

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