Muay Thai Heavy Bag for Kids

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If you have children who have started training Muay Thai or other striking martial arts, you might want to consider installing a heavy bag at home for them. Heavy bag training is an essential component of many martial arts programs as it comes with many benefits. Professional fighters use heavy bags to build power, sharpen techniques, improve stamina and balance. In this article, we look into the benefits of Muay Thai heavy bag for kids and some heavy bag recommendations for home training.

Benefits of Heavy Bag Training for Kids

There are many benefits of training Muay Thai for kids but here are some benefits specific to heavy bag training that are applicable to kids:

Strengthens the Body

Hitting against the weighted resistance of a heavy bag helps to develop power with consistent training. It strengthens muscles and tendons while increasing bone density. This is highly beneficial for a growing child in building a stronger and healthier body.

Improve Cardio Fitness

Other than building strength and power, heavy bag training can also double as a cardio workout. Just go three intense rounds of 3-minute bag work is enough to get the heart pumping hard. It is an effective HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise that improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Improve Coordination

Kicking the punching heavy bags requires balance. Over time with drills and repetition, kids will be able to develop better balance and coordination which will help them perform better in other sports while minimizing risk of injury. 

Improve Energy Level

Training Muay Thai or just exercise in general, improves circulation and blood flow. This helps the body in delivering more oxygen and nutrients to body tissues which will allow our kids to do more, be more focused and feel more energized throughout the day. 

Burn off Energy

We all know that kids are always full of energy. Heavy bag training is one of the best ways to burn off all that energy, get a good workout and experience all the above benefits at the same time. With a heavy bag set up at home, kids can now put those pent-up energy to good use. 

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags for Kids

Focus mitts and kick pads are used in most Muay Thai classes for kids. Heavy bags are generally too heavy and hard for juniors under 10. Some gyms will ask the kids to train with the banana bag but kids will not be able to throw full power as they are too hard.

For kids above 10 who intend to keep training for at least the next several years, it is recommended to use an adult-sized standard heavy bag and fill it with less fabric and hang it lower. As they get older, you can fill the bag with more fabric to add weight and hardness according to their level.

For younger kids under 10, there are a few viable options. Heavy bags that are made for kids are softer and lighter, but provide enough resistance for home training. These bags are lighter so they can be easily installed and more portable than standard heavy bags. 

RDX Heavy Bag for Kids

RDX Kids heavy bags are designed for kids under the age of 10. They are around 2 ft tall and come unfilled so you can fill it according to your kid’s age and level. Mostly reviewers praise the bag for its high-quality although there are a few who experience premature tearing. Despite the varying quality, it comes recommended because it’s cheap enough and your kid will have lots of fun with this.

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Fairtex HBK1 Heavy Bag

If you are looking for a high-grade heavy bag that is designed specially for kids, then Fairtex HBK1 is your answer. Measuring around 2 1/2 feet, the HBK1 is constructed with the same materials (PU leather) and same level of dedication as their adult-sized heavy bags. Fairtex is a powerhouse brand in the Muay Thai gear/equipment industry with many decades of experience. Fairtex heavy bags are also used in fight gyms around the world. With a bigger budget, the Fairtex HBK1 is a worthwhile purchase that will last for many years to come.

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