Super Export Shop Bangkok Fire Sale!

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It’s the end of the year and a great time to be shopping for new gear for the new year.

If you are in Bangkok from now till 30 December, you can do yourself a big favor by checking out Super Export Shop in downtown. The store is having a year-end sale with many items on discount up to 70% off.

For those not familiar with Super Export Shop (SXS), it’s my personal favorite and a must-visit one-stop shop for -quite possibly- the widest range of Muay Thai gear in all of Thailand. All the major Thai brands like Twins, Fairtex, Yokkao, Top King, Raja, Thaismai, Windy can be found in the shop. Foreign brands with Thai-made products like Booster Fight Gear and Danger Equipment can also be found exclusively at SXS. If you are looking to shop for Muay Thai stuff, it’s clearly the place to be.

Some really attractive offers can now be found during this seasonal promotion with selected models of Raja Boxing and Yokkao going at 1-for-1 special deals. I would just grab a friend or a stranger shopping at the shop to enjoy this amazing deal! Or just keep the 2 pairs of gloves all to yourself. Here’s another cool idea: grab 2 pairs of gloves in different colors and mix-n-match. Wear a different color on each hand!

Super Export Shop has been around since 2016 but has built a reputation as the best Muay Thai shop in Bangkok by offering the widest selection of fight gear from multiple brands all under one roof. The folks at SXS exports to all over the world and have direct contacts with all the major Thai labels so you can rest assured that it’s all authentic goods.

Visit Super Export Shop and shop now! (opens from 10am to 7pm Mon-Fri, and 10am to 530pm Sat)

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