Yokkao 39 – 40 Final Fight Card

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Yokkao is returning to Sydney, Australia in a big way with its signature double event on 25 May. Organized in partnership with local promoter, Luis Regis of SRG Promotions, the card features a number of notable Muay Thai champions and home-grown fan-favorites.

Yokkao is bringing to the show two well-known names from its fight team, namely Singdam and Spencer Brown. After a superb performance in his promotional debut on Yokkao 37 in UK, Superbank will co-headline the event along with the Yokkao fight team stars.

A total of eleven bouts have been confirmed for the Saturday night live action including one undercard warm-up act. This looks set to be one of the biggest Muay Thai shows in Australian history.

The 39-40th edition of YOKKAO’s official event series will be held at Australian Technology Park with the weigh-in set to be held a day before at the Braza Churrascaria at 6pm.

Limited tickets are still available at SRG gym and online at  https://www.ticketebo.com.au/srg-promotions/yokkao-39-40.html. In the meantime, check out the fight card:

Yokkao 40

Superbank vs Zac Einersen

Spencer Brown vs Albert Xavier

Singpayak PTJ Chombueng vs Lloyd Dean

Jordie Bargailie vs Joe Coverdale

Palungchok Mor. Rachabaht Chombueng  vs Rhyse Saliba

Yokkao 39

Singdam vs Alexi Petroulias

Sarkis Doueihi vs Lee Fook

Franz Sanchez vs Thomas Wilkins

Daniel Marshall vs Jamie Alleyne

Nattakit pakkawan vs Anthony Trejo

Yokkao Next Generation

Adam Kaewphaluek vs Bailey Jackson

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