The Yokkao Challenge is Here! #YOKKAOchallenge

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You have got to hand it to Yokkao. The Bangkok-based Muay Thai brand constantly comes up with the most delightful content on their social media accounts to keep their fans engaged. The latest of their antics to go viral is the #YOKKAOchallenge. A contest where you beat your friend up -or get beaten up- and stand a chance to win 2 pairs of Yokkao gloves!

The rules of the game are simple. All you need to do is to tag a couple of your friends, then grab a training partner, and make a video of one of you pounding away at the other’s abs! Post the video on your instagram account and use the hashtag #YOKKAOchallenge. It’s fun and actually a great conditioning workout for the abs. A great way to condition or mentally prepare a fighter for body shots in the ring.

The entries are coming in and some of them are hilarious. Many of the folks are showing no mercy on their partners in the videos. It kind of reminds me of that old MTV extreme stunt series, Jackass. Some hardcore action going on and it’s really worth them checking out.

The instagram contest is now spreading like wildfire across social media. On last count, it’s pushing 400k views and 1800 comments. It does look like a lot of fun. I’m personally looking forward to seeing more entries especially professional fighters.

Go check out the contest and even better, get all your buddies to take part in it. Have fun!

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