Nak Muay Nation Review

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If you have been training Muay Thai for a while, you must be familiar with The Muay Thai Guy. And if you are new to training Muay Thai, then it won’t be long before you stumble across the name on social media. Sean Fagan, aka Muay Thai Guy, is a well-known Muay Thai fighter, blogger, training camp host, and prolific Muay Thai content creator. He also happens to the founder of Nak Muay Nation (NMN) online Muay Thai training resource. And this is my Nak Muay Nation review.

About Nak Muay Nation

Nak Muay Nation Review

To give a quick overview: Nak Muay Nation is a vast online library of Muay Thai training videos and e-books offered for one-time purchase or on a subscription basis. The wide, comprehensive range of courses include heavy bag training, strength & conditioning, clinching, sparring and even a guide on training and fighting in Thailand. Essentially the complete scope of Muay Thai training. 

If you want to know more about the courses in detail, then read on to learn about my personal experience training at home using Nak Muay Nation’s resources. 

Nak Muay Nation Review

nak muay nation review

I will come right out and say this: if you are looking for a comprehensive, well-structured online training course for authentic Muay Thai as it is taught and practised in Thailand, Nak Muay Nation is the best there is out there.  

There is no shortage of free Muay Thai training content on social media channels like YouTube and Instagram including Fagan’s own YouTube channel where you can pick up the necessary basics to get you started.

Most of these content are certainly useful but my gripe with such channels is that there is often a lack of proper structure. When you are a beginner or an intermediate-level student, having structure especially when you train on your own at home, is absolutely vital for improvement. 

NMN’s courses have a very well-defined training structure, making it easy for all levels to follow and monitor their progress. The training videos are well-made with clear instruction and explanations on techniques and forms.

A good Muay Thai coach is not always one with the most championship titles but someone who is able to demonstrate and explain about the techniques clearly (in English). Fagan excels as a trainer in this sense. 

Fagan is able to break down each technique, combo and drill that makes it easy to understand for all levels including beginners unfamiliar with Muay Thai or martial arts in general. Each video typically starts off with Fagan’s brief but always precise explanation. This gives the demonstration context but without being excessive.  

The only thing lacking in an online course is that there is no feedback on whether you are doing it correctly or not. But this is where the NMN Facebook group comes in. I will touch on this later.

If you head over to the Nak Muay Nation list of courses, there are actually many different programs to choose from. Here, I will go into detail my experience training using the Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0:

Heavy Bag Blueprint

nak muay nation review

The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0 is a library of heavy bag workouts and tips with hundreds of hours of training videos. On top of that, you also get ebooks (in pdf) that you can read in your free time when you are taking a break from the bag.

It is a valuable program as it offers many different combos and techniques to work on the heavy bag, exactly the things that you learn at a proper Muay Thai school/gym.

If you are training alone at home as a beginner learning Muay Thai striking from scratch, there is no better option. This is the online training course to go for. 

Besides videos on learning and improving techniques, there are drills that focus on strengthening and conditioning with the heavy bag. There is an exhausting list of over 30 different bag drills to get your heart pumping, lungs burning and muscles screaming. 

There’s actually more. As an added bonus, you will also find a killer core training workout to finish your training, a comprehensive nutritional guide, and another eBook on mindset training.

Most of all, there is a 24-week structured program that you can follow so you can track your progress. The amount of value offered by the Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0 is honestly insane and more content that I could imagined. 

Purchase the program here -> Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0

Don’t forget to check out my Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags review while you’re at it!  

Nak Muay Nation Facebook Group

nak muay nation review

One of the key reasons why I normally recommend beginners to train at a proper gym is the benefit of having someone correct your form and techniques. That element is missing in home-based training.

This is where the NMN Facebook Group comes in. It is a community of like-minded Muay Thai fans who have come together to share their passion for the sport.

It’s not the only Muay Thai Facebook group around but what separates it from others is the positive environment where members  motivate each other on this training journey. This gives NMN a social aspect that is highly valuable especially when you train alone at home.

Join the group here -> Nak Muay Nation Facebook Group


I highly recommend Nak Muay Nation for beginners who have started training as a supplementary resource as well as those looking to up their game and looking to compete.

It was initially a little overwhelming with so many different courses to choose from. I communicated with Sean Fagan via email and he recommended that I get the Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0 and it exceeded all my expectations.

Get this if you want a well-structured  online training program to learn authentic Muay Thai right at your home. Fighting!


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Surprised to see Sean Fagan aka @themuaythaiguy dropped by to train at the gym. Awesome friendly guy. Enjoy your time here and see you around.

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