Udemy Muay Thai Basic Techniques Online Review

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Udemy is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms. There are about 150,000 different courses on Udemy (as of 2020) where you can learn everything from programming, social media marketing, photography, and -you guessed it- Muay Thai.

I found over 300 Muay Thai courses doing a quick search on Udemy. After looking through a bunch of courses and the preview videos (most of which are poorly and cheaply made), I decided to enroll in the Muay Thai Basic Techniques online course by Christoph Delp.

If you are a complete beginner to Muay Thai, I highly recommend that you read on because this is the online course you are looking for.

About Christoph Delp

A quick note about the creator of the course. Christoph Delp is a fitness trainer and creator of several fitness training video programs. He also authored three books on Muay Thai (which I reviewed in an article: “Best Muay Thai Books”).

Delp comes from Germany but spent some years in Thailand training Muay Thai. During this period, he devoted time to creating a series of Muay Thai training content with the help of several top Muay Thai fighters of the time.

Muay Thai Basic Techniques Online Course Review

Delp has put out what I consider to be the best books in the market for training Muay Thai. The video course is a spinoff of the books with the same structure but now in video form. The Muay Thai Basic Techniques online course is the bestseller in Udemy’s Muay Thai training category and I’m not surprised at all. 

Muay Thai Basic Techniques is the first of three Muay Thai courses by Christoph Delp. It serves as an introduction and starting point for complete beginners to Muay Thai training.

It is very well-structured with detailed narrated explanations provided in the video. There are individual sections designated for each of the Muay Thai weapons namely, punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes and clinching.

There is also a detailed breakdown of a standard training session that you can carry out when you train. The content presented provides a systematic approach to training which is very helpful for someone new to Muay Thai.

I would also like to commend on the video production of the course which is very high in quality. Delp has clearly roped in a proper video production company for the project and it shows in the 2.5-hour course.

Cost: The Muay Thai Basic Techniques Course costs only 20.99USD (or your country’s currency equivalent) for lifetime access. Look out for discounts offered by Udemy from time to time.

Link: Muay Thai Basic Techniques on Udemy


I highly recommend Christoph Delp’s Muay Thai Basic Techniques online course for all beginners training the sport. “Muay Thai Basic Techniques” course is easily the best there is out there for complete beginners to the sport.

This program is not suitable for those who already have prior experience in Muay Thai but Delp offers two other more advanced programs on Udemy that would be more suitable and something to consider after you have finished the basics course.  Check them out and happy training!

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