Yokkao Goes Full Throttle

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In just a few years, Yokkao has become a staple brand in the Muay Thai community. The quality of its products, which are 100% made in Thailand, coupled with the strength of the brand’s image, have made the company highly profitable and driven for continued expansion. Responding to the increasing demand for its product, Yokkao has just expanded their operations to the adjacent factory next to their existing facility.

“In terms of quality and design, we are going in an upward direction. In fact, the demand has had an unprecedented increase in the last few years.” said Yokkao’s production manager, Pinyada Kasetpibaln.

Pinyada adds that the new factory will give Yokkao the possibility to increase its production, while maintaining a high-quality control as well as better logistic management.

Yokkao Factory

At present, Yokkao products are available in 23 countries and operating with 2 warehouses in Asia and Europe. Its third warehouse in US will be opened this year. Besides its complete range of products, the brand pervades all aspects of the sport, or in its own words, “360 degrees in Muay Thai”.

Most prominent among the brand’s products and services is its fight promotions. Yokkao has held over 50 shows worldwide in Italy, China, Hong Kong, and UK. Outside of Thailand, it is now one of the most recognized Muay Thai events on the international scene. It recently announced its first partnership with WBC in China, which would effectively expose the brand to a massive Chinese market.

Yokkao is going full throttle on its expansion. According to the Yokkao website, there are a few projects on the cards for the company. Other than the factory expansion, the gym in central Bangkok will receive a makeover with a bigger space and more equipment to cater to increasing visitors.

More interestingly, there is mention of a secret project that the brand is already working for over 1 year that they believe will “take Muay Thai to a new era”. The brand has always at the forefront in terms of introducing novel business ideas or marketing strategies into the world of the traditional Thai sports. It will be exciting to see what they will unveil in time to come.

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