Kunlun Fight World Tour Results – Rumble in Russia

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Photo Source: Kunlun Fight

Kunlun Fight embarked on its world tour once again, arriving in the far-eastern Russian city of Bohori, Khabarovsk on 26 May. The caged octagon was set up at the Platinum Arena for a night of explosive face-offs between top MMA exponents of China and Russia.

The event marked the return of Kunlun Fight to Khabarovsk after 2 years since KLF 44 in 2016. A total of 11 exhilarating MMA bouts were fought in front of an electrifying crowd.

Jumabieke overwhelmed by Fedorov.

In one of the most anticipated matchups of the evening, the 66.5 kg clash between former UFC fighter, Jumabieke Tuerxun and Boris Fedorov did not pan out as what everyone had expected. Nicknamed the “Wild Wolf”, the 32-year-old Jumabieke who has a wealth of experience, was edged out by the younger and taller Boris after 3 hard-fought rounds. The Russian prospect handed in a stellar performance to be declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Zhang Lipeng squaring off against Elnur Agaev

Former KLF MMA champion, Zhang Lipeng was back in the octagon after 3 dominating back-to-back victories collected over the past few months. Looking to take his winning streak further, Zhang’s superior grappling took the fight onto the ground with numerous expertly-executed takedowns. The fight could have easily ended in round one but Elnur Agaev was saved by the bell after getting caught in a compromising submission. The fight ended up going the distance with the Russian catching up and outscoring with some masterful moves in the subsequent rounds to win the fight via split decision.

As the main event of the night, the title match between Lu Zhenhong and Evgeny Ryazanov was every bit as dramatic as it could have transpired. During the weigh-in, Ryazanov had come in at 1.2 kg heavier than the dictated weight. The resolute Lu refused to let the opportunity slip, insisting on following through with the contest over the vacant KLF MMA Intercontinental Bantamweight Champion. What ensued was one of the most brutal MMA fights in Kunlun history.

Despite the slight weight disparity, it was a closely-contested fight right off the bell. The main event took a sudden turn 3 minutes into the second round. When Ryazanov landed on his back after a failed flying knee attempt, Lu pounced on top swiftly to serve a vicious order of ground-and-pound. A hard and savage elbow left the Russian with a deep cut, staining both fighters and the canvas with a painterly splatter of blood. The reddened scene only served to egged Lu on in dishing the punishment. The referee called a stop to the fight, granting the win via TKO to an ecstatic Lu.

Lu Zhenhong after TKO-ing his opponent.

Lu had set his eyes on the prize of the Kunlun Fight MMA title a long time coming. After 8 years as a combat sports athlete, bagging the KLF belt came as the crowning achievement of his career.

Lu Zhenhong crowned the new KLF MMA champion.

For those in attendance at Khabarovsk’s Platinum Arena, it was a night of mixed martial arts mayhem that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Full Results:

61KG MMA Super Fight : Aledsey Indenko def Denis Puric via R3 Decision

77KG MMA Super Fight : Mateusz Piskorz def Kurbanjiang via R1 TKO

66KG MMA Super Fight : Yewen def Oktyabrin Yakovlev via R1 Submission

93KG MMA Super Fight : Sergey Pogodaev def Zhang Mingyang via R2 TKO

70KG MMA Super Fight : Balajin def Muhsin Corbbrey via R3 Decision

66KG MMA Super Fight : Nuertiebieke def Isac Maxim via R3 Decision

66.5KG MMA Super Fight: Boris Fedorov def Jumabieke Tuerxun via R3 Decision

60KG MMA Super Fight: Aigul Khabirova def Wang Zhenyao via R1 KO

75KG MMA Super Fight: Elnur Agaev  def Zhang Lipeng via R3 Decision

63KG MMA KLF Title Fight: Lu Zhenhong def Evgeny Ryazanov via R2 TKO

70.5KG MMA MFP Title Fight : Arman Tsarukyan def Junior Assuncao via R3 Decision

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