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Top Muay Thai Fighters To Watch Now (2020)

Updated 24th April 2020 with the top Thai fighters of the past year(s) Champions come and go, titles change hands fast, and nothing last forever in the world of Muay Thai. Thai boxing is a sport where athletes peak around 20 and with…

The Rise of Yokkao

Premium gear, fight promotions, pre-eminent fight team: Here's a look at Yokkao Boxing the company and how it has managed to stay competitive against its myriad rivals (or even ahead in some cases)

Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know

Firstly, this is not the definitive list for the best Muay Thai fighters of any era. This list features 10 Thai native fighters, past and present, that have come to shape the sport in various ways over the last few decades. These are